Hi, this is me, the one who can’t keep her promises… Yeah, as you grow up you’ll be missing your time, I feel this quote… People are too kind 😥 I make time just for writing ff because they give me spirit to keep writing… Life is hard but life is a journey… I’ll make sure I’ll keep posting diary entry when I have time here 🙂

[MV] Outsider – 문신 (Tattoo) (Feat. Navi)

Outsider (아웃사이더) – 문신 (Tattoo) (Feat. 나비(Navi)) [Digital Single – Tattoo] Music Video

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150218 MBC King of Mask Singer (EXID’s Solji – We Should’ve Been Friends)

150218 MBC King of Mask Singer (EXID's Solji – We Should've Been Friends)
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I’ll be back soon…

Thanks for still coming here… Promise!! I’ll be back soon but I’m so busy rite now, just posting some update or new variety show link…

Why I’m taking hiatus for 3 years? so many things happen to me and this site is one place that has so many memories of those things that I wanted to forget…….

I’m sorry but this site will changed~ I’ll changed the concept, but I’ll try to always post something here… hope you guys understand my situation…

[PIC] Secret’s Japanese website in HQ


Source: http://www.secret-jpn.com/
Reuploader: Wendy