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[NEWS] SJ HANKYUNG Real Name is NOT Tan Han Geng

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Lets clear something up: Han Geng’s real name is HAN GENG. Not Tan. I repeat… there is no TAN in his name at all. So, forget about Tan completely for once and for all.

His Chinese names is 韩庚. So 韩 would be his last or family name, which is Han (H-A-N… no T there). His given name then would be 庚 or Geng. Yes, his name is Geng. It’s that short and it’s just one character long.

Let’s compare it to an English name to make it simpler. Let’s say – Mary Jones:

Mary = given name
Jones = last or family name.

So, lets give Han Geng’s name the same treatment:

Geng = given name
Han = last or family name

So, if we were to write Han Geng’s name in English for, it would be Geng Han. As you noticed, they are to separate names, a first name and a last name.

However, Asian names are different in that the family name goes first and the given name follows. So, in Asia, Mary Jones would be JONES Mary. Still to separate names but the order changes. Which is why we end up with Han Geng.

Again, it’s Han Geng – they are two characters and thus, two separate names. Not Hangeng. Han Geng.

Since he is China based now, he rarely uses his Korean name anymore, but in case you’re wondering, his Korean name is 한경.

한 = Han
경 = Kyung

So, Han Kyung or Hankyung, either way it’s right. Most Korean names are three characters, however, names with just to characters also exist (Jo Kwon, Sun Mi, etc). And as you can see, Han Geng’s Korean name only has two characters too! Anyway, there is not Tan there either (no really someone tell me where Tan came from?)

To sum it up:

Correct Name (s) √ :
-Han Geng (his Chinese name)
-Han Kyung or Hankyung (his Korean name)
-韩庚 (the Chinese characters for his name)
-한경 (the Korean characters for his Korean name)

Wrong Name (s) X:
-Tan Hangeng
-Tan Hankyung
-Tan Han Geng
-Tan Hangeng
-Tan Hangeng
-Tan Hangeng
-Tan Hangeng
-Tan Hangeng
-Tan Hangeng

So, did that clear it up enough? Did I make it clear enough how Tan Hangeng IS NOT his damn name?

If I see someone, especially a supposed Han Geng fanbase once again say that his real name is Tan Hangeng, I’d lose faith in humanity.

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SOURCE :@RealHGfacts

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[NEWS] Super Junior Leeteuk Comment of Hankyung

A mistranslation from a Korean news site about Hangeng, a former member of Super Junior, that led Super Junior leader Leeteuk react about it through twitter.

During Hangeng’s presscon on his movie “Daemusang (The Kingdom)” in Hong Kong a reporter asked Hangeng if he knows about a Super Junior member being hit and got injured by a water bottle in Shanghai and he said he didn’t know and even said he’ll call and make sure he is okay. But what startled the public and that made Leeteuk comment is that when Hangeng additionally said “Actually, I did attempt several times to get in contact… but they ignored my calls”.
Prior to this answer, Super Junior leader Leeteuk express and revealed his feelings and said on his twitter last March 21, “The door is always open. There is always an empty seat left for you.It would be nice if you told the truth. We have never let go of your hand. I don’t want to be sad because of lies anymore. We are Super Junior!! Still, I wish you happiness”. His tweet didn’t hide his disappointment over Hangeng’s answer to the question.

The original and correct translation for Hangeng’s is “Last time, I also had the experience of objects being thrown on stage. Luckily, it did not hit me. But now, it doesn’t matter anymore.”

Which led to the reporter’s question “So would you give him a call and ask how he is later on?”
And the correct translation for Hangeng’s answer is “I will definitely call and ask. Why was he so careless, getting himself hit [by something] by other people.”


Full article by:sukira@dkpopnews.net

Trans by:allkpop

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